1. When you’re fat that’s the only thing that can be wrong with you. Every disease is obesity. If I was bleeding out my eyeballs, some doctor somewhere would insist that it could be fixed with diet and exercise.

    — Fat Health, Kris’ story (via holytardisofgallifrey)

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the kind you s a   v  e

    the kind you s a   v  e

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  3. I hate my life.

  4. my sister is still being really mean to me

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    Those people who constantly reblog your stuff but you never really talk:


  7. That stegosaurus knows something we don’t.

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  9. Anonymous said: how is that homophobic? i have gay friends and support them all the way, but i don't believe in gay marriage.




    your gay friends are all talking shit behind your back 100%

    Yeah, you support them all the way.. We’ll most of the way.. We’ll some of the way.. Clearly not as far as marriage.. Cause marriage ain’t for gays.. Or something

    You hear so many of these people say, “I have a lot of gay friends but don’t believe in same sex marriage”, but you never hear gay people say “I’ve lots of friends who think it should be illegal for me to marry the person I love”.

    So, here’s a PSA for everyone who is against marriage equality, but thinks they have gay friends. You probably don’t. What you have are gay acquaintances who have learned to quietly put up with your bullshit because it’s the path of least resistance and they just don’t have the energy to “My Fair Lady” your ass into being a decent human being.

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    kinetic sand!

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    "what are the chances of EVERYONE in a group of friends being queer" you do realize that we all tend to flock together like penguins huddling for warmth in a cold, heteronormative world, right

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I feel like I should reblog this every day.

me too



    I feel like I should reblog this every day.

    me too

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    What’s Your Book Shelfie Style?

    These are SO WRONG for me.
    Genre, then alphabetical, then by series, then chronological. It is complicated and I have a lot of books. (None of them are on shelves right now though)

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    first the aesthetic generator….. now the fursona generator!! if u have ever wondered what your fursona would be or you want a change, now u can discover the fursona Of Your Dreams…. (warning for some body horror text!)

    "big pink chicken. it has tentacles. a small raincloud follows it everywhere. "

    "Abyssal pony. It won’t stop sweating. It has antlers."

    Well then.

    tiny blue dove. it cries all the time and can’t really do much about it. it is always smiling.

    ok then

    ghostly pony. it has an unknowable amount of eyes. crystals grow from its flesh.

    glittering black bunny. it is a witch. it never blinks.

    'eldritch sloth. it comes from space. it is a communist.'

    …yep, that sounds like me.

    eldritch anglerfish. it is a cheerleader. it has a tattoo that says ‘yolo’.

    fuschia wolf. it has an unknowable amount of eyes. it runs a blog dedicated to different types of planes throughout history.

    albino hellhound. it is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen. you are afraid.

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    Old Spice ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

    everyone go home this is the best one.

    Also apparently they’ve reached over $50 MILLION IN DONATIONS this is freaking amazing ;___;

    Okay this is the most awesome one.